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The goal of the Production Team is to work together as a group to ensure the audio and visual needs are cared for to effectively reach the Bethany congregants. When our job is done well, no one will notice it because everything will have been "normal" and seamless. 


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Serving Opportunities:Serve Production Team


Using the soundboard, mix and balance our speakers and music for our live audience and our viewers online. No prior experience is necessary for this, you can learn as you go! 

Responsibilities: Careful set-up & take-down of sound equipment; Live mixing and balancing of audio; available for worship practices and Sunday services.  

Commitment: 2 weeks on/off; Mid-week Worship practice, 1:30-2:30 hours;
Sunday morning worship practice, service & clean-up, 3:30 hours 


Running the visual presentation of our live services.

Responsibilities: Run ProPresenter 7 slideshow; minor editing to slides.

Commitment: 2 weeks on/off; Sunday morning worship practice and service, 3:30 hours.


This role has yet to be determined, but may include controlling a video camera to capture the Sunday service, and managing the video inputs to decide which outputs are used for a livestream recording.

Responsibilities: TBD

Commitment: 2 weeks on/off; Sunday mornings, hours TBD.

Serve Production Team

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