Welcome About Us

Our Passion, Our Hope & Our Values

Mission Vision Values


Our purpose is to glorify God by helping people know God personally and to share Jesus Christ’s love with others.  Within that purpose, we want to be known as a church that is committed to helping individuals and families thrive in the spiritual, emotional, and relational areas of life.


We exist so people come to know Jesus and are equipped to become love-filled, faith-demonstrating followers of Jesus.


To see Bethany be a thriving and growing community of believers who take faith seriously as we engage and serve the Hamilton/ Queensborough and surrounding communities.  In this, we desire to be church that embraces and represents all – described in Rev 7:9 as people from ‘every nation, tribe, people, and language’.  As believers we are called to be people who speak out and live out justice and hope to a broken and needy world.



We acknowledge that we are an ‘in process’, Grace given people who sometimes fail and who sometimes disappoint.  But, our focus is to follow and obey Jesus and as we do, model His love to all we meet.


We believe in the truth of God’s Word and seek to live in accordance with that.  That truth calls us as Grace given people to be grace giving people who ‘prefer one another in love and good deeds’.

Creativity and Joy

We believe creativity and joy are reflections of our Creator, inspiring us to be innovative and relevant with the message of Christ in our world.

Teachable Spirits

We desire to be a people who are always growing in our walk of faith so the reality of Jesus is more evident in what is seen than what is said.

Connecting Hearts

Our goal is to be people who are first relationally connected and accountable to our living Lord – then attractively and compellingly connected with others, as we invest our lives in our families, our friends, our neighbours and those with whom we study, work and play. 


That as Christ followers we are people alive in faith:

  • Living Out what we believe 

  • Reaching Out so others are invited to believe

  • Loving Out so others are attracted by seeing what we believe

  • Giving Out so others are impacted by what we believe:

    • in how we serve

    • in how we give, so current and new ministries and needs to which God leads us are well supported