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Pastor Rob Inrig

Rob Inrig

Together with his wife, Joanne, Rob has been involved over the last number of years helping churches navigate through difficult times.  On the heels of pastoral loss, many issues can arise – grief, conflict, an uncertain future to name just a few.  Serving as a Transitional Lead Pastor, Rob has been used of God in a number of churches assisting them to deal with the past and to heal as they get ready for what God wants to do in the next season of the church’s life.  

Rob and his wife, Joanne are both born and bred Vancouverites.  They are the parents of 2 grown daughters and 6 amazing and rambunctious grandchildren. Their passion is for people to have a transformative encounter with Jesus where He is glorified as Saviour and Lord and followed as triumphant King.  That means seeing Jesus for who He truly is.  This is the call of the church – to see and bow; to see and be made new; to see and proclaim -  Christ followers who are alive with His life. 

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