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How NOT to Read the Bible

Young Adults

A community for emerging adults ages 18-early 30's.

Every second Tuesday, including Feb 22, Mar 8, Mar 22, & Apr 5.

Starting at 6:30pm. Bring dinner if you'd like to eat with us!

Join us for fellowship and discussion as we go through
"How (Not) to Read the Bible" by Dan Kimball

Goodreads summary of the book: 
In "How (Not) to Read the Bible", pastor and bestselling author Dan Kimball tackles one of the most pressing apologetic challenges of the twenty-first-century church--how do we read and interpret the Bible? Kimball introduces several critical principles to utilize when you open a Bible or read a verse. Then, he looks at five of the most common challenges that arise when people read the Bible today, including: the relationship between science and the Bible, the violence we find in the Bible, the treatment of women in the Bible, the odd and strange commands we find in the Bible, and the Bible's controversial claim that there is only one way to know God. Kimball highlights several of the most common passages people find objectionable and shows readers how to correctly interpret them.

All are welcome!

Contact Connor for more info or if you have any questions.